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Yes you heard correctly! We will create your website for free. Is there a catch? Well, yeah! 

We know how hard it is starting out with the costs of starting a new store. You need to fork out thousands for a new site, research, create and spend money on advertising and shopify monthly fees! we get it! It's a lot. So...let us take some of the stress off you by building your site for free.

So what's the catch? By now you will have kept on reading so you must be interested.

The catch is that we take a percentage of sales every month for the first year. This will be agreed upon from the start. We are not talking much here, just 25% of your total profit, so there's still plenty left for you to enjoy. Essentially we are just recouping our initial costs. So trust us! We want you to make money with your store!

The benefit for you is that you have access to our team for a full year to answer any questions you may have. We are not here to run your business or tell you how to do business but if you have quick questions the team are always happy to provide advice and steer you in the right direction. As mentioned above, we want you to make as much money as you can!

So, how do you get involved? We make it simple.

Simply send us a minimum one page business plan with your idea. Include what you want to sell, how much you will be investing each month into advertising, your goals for the business, if this will be a full time or a side hustle, your experience (in ecommerce or not) and anything you can think of to really sell us your idea. Even send us some websites you like as inspiration.

We will choose 3 ideas per month and go from there!

So, if you have any questions please contact the team at and let us help you get your business off the ground with a professional ecommerce Shopify site and start making serious profits!

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