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Online Shopping During Covid tyack-ecomm-solutions

Online Shopping During Covid

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in online shopping as Australians follow shutdown orders and stay at home, and the goods and services on which we spend money are shifting.

Shutdown-affected categories like gyms, public transit, travel, and cafes have seen significant declines in consumer spending. Many retailers, on the other hand, have seen a rise in demand, with customers spending more money on online shopping and subscription services, on food delivery and pet care.

According to Statista 2020,  some 27 percent of respondents in the United States stated that they had deliberately purchased hygiene products online instead of offline because of the pandemic. Many people choose to stay online and order essentials as well as other products from online e-commerce websites in order to stay safe from Covid-19 virus.

This has seen an increase in online shopping rates and has created more employment opportunities for delivery drivers. Men were found to be online purchasing, and more than women avoiding in-store interactions. This includes taking advantage of options restricting in-store experiences such as BOPIS (online order, in-store delivery), curbside delivery, and subscription services.

People are changing what they buy, from bulk buying to online shopping and there is much more to come from this pandemic yet.


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