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Current Delays in International Shipping

Current Delays in International Shipping

You may have noticed that there has been a delay in your shipping. Why is that, you ask? There are several reasons why there have been delays. Let’s take you through those reasons.

  • Shipping Delays Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has been an extreme case. International shipments have experienced delays because of the pandemic. Customers should be aware that they need to expect an additional two days for products to arrive. Shipping companies have been working hard on shipment delays due to the global situation.

  • Severe Weather

Nobody can control the weather. Another reason why there have been current delays in international shipping is expected to severe weather. The safety of employees always comes first. Shipments will arrive as soon as possible to make sure that mail gets to final destinations as quickly as possible.

  • Natural Disasters

The treacherous forest fires have been going on for some time in California. Wildfires have impacted service areas around California, Oregon, and Washington. Delivery services are working as best they can to deliver postal services.

  • Heavy Package Volume

Did you know that the Covid-19 pandemic broke a record for several shipments? Due to more people shopping online, shipping volumes have increased delays. Expect a delay.

  • Business Closures

Multiple businesses have had no choice but to close due to a lack of customers. Before you make shipments, it is a good idea to check to see if the business is still in service. That way you won’t have any delays and will receive your package on time.

  • Failed Delivery Attempts

We’re not saying that it is your fault, but sometimes the customer is the reason for the delay. Drivers need a signature to leave the package with you. Postal workers don’t have the time to stick around. Get a tracking system to solve the issue. You’ll be able to get updates on when your package is on the way. 

  • Vehicle Breakdowns

We can all relate to vehicle troubles. Depending on how the package gets to destinations, there is no way to avoid car problems. It’s up to drivers to fix the dilemmas and see when they can deliver your package. Otherwise, you should expect a delay.

  • Issues in Technology

As helpful as technology is, technology makes things hard at times. Technology causes issues with malfunctions or it is out of date. Update your software so you won’t have any delays.

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